Boost your sales with Cubyn
Strengthen customer loyalty thanks to Cubyn's delivery guarantee
Cubyn delivery guarantee is every e-merchant's best chance to prove to customers the reliability of an e-shop and to maximize repeat in sales. Thanks to our unique Operating System, we are the only player on the market able to take accountability for the whole click-to-delivery experience.
Because Cubyn is committed to providing customers with an irreproachable delivery experience, we have developed two specific covers for them:
  • Order is late at its destination: final customer gets a compensation* upon request.
  • Order is not received or damaged: final customer can request a full refund or get delivered again for free.
The Cubyn delivery guarantee is the only e-commerce label that guarantees a fast and secure delivery.
*6€ for France, 5€ for Spain, no compensation for other countries at the moment

Eligibility check

Wanna know if an order is eligible to Cubyn delivery guarantee? Here's a simple checklist to get the confirmation at a glance:
  • Order was shipped by Cubyn
  • Order was late/damaged/incomplete/lost
  • Product ordered was in stock
  • Delivery address was valid
Learn more on the claim request process for consumers here.
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