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Add marketing materials to your website!
Let your customers know you're working with the best e-commerce delivery network by adding the Cubyn banner to your website and increase your conversion rate by 30% and repeat in sales by 20%.
Cubyn is the only delivery network able to offer a delivery guarantee on the market. Using Cubyn is a game-changer when you know that 44% of basket drops are due to slow delivery and that 29% of buyers rate reliable delivery as the most important criterion when buying online.

Add marketing to your website

Refresh marketing on your e-shop to let your customers know they can benefit from Cubyn's delivery guarantee.
Let your customer know you are using Cubyn as a delivery solution and that they can benefit from our exclusive guarantee on their shipping.
  1. 1.
    Use our approved messaging to avoid misinterpretation of products and terms.
  2. 2.
    Don’t try to replicate Cubyn branding. Make it clear that your brand is the sender by using your own visual identity (imagery, font, brand elements) and style.
  3. 3.
    Keep it short, clear, simple and informative.
  4. 4.
    Be sure to include Cubyn throughout your site - before the shopper even gets to the checkout. Doing this will help make it clear that Cubyn is the delivery solution provider.

Approved messaging

Choose any of the following approved messaging to include in your marketing touch points activities - anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

General messaging

  • Delivered for real
  • Delivered on time, all the time
  • Cubyn guarantees your delivery
  • We always deliver on time with Cubyn
  • Our deliveries are guaranteed by Cubyn
  • Shop safely, get delivered on time or refunded with Cubyn
  • Order now, be delivered on time with Cubyn

Late guarantee messaging

  • Delivered on time, all the time
  • Cubyn - 6€ refunded if your order is late*
  • Cubyn - 6€ offered if your order is late*
  • Delivered on time or paid back 6€ with Cubyn*
  • Delivered on time or refunded with Cubyn*

Lost or damaged messaging

  • Your order delivered or refunded with Cubyn*
  • Delivery guaranteed by Cubyn*
  • Your order refunded if lost or damaged with Cubyn*
Disclaimer: (*) Order must be eligible to Cubyn's delivery guarantee (check eligibility here)

Logos & trademarks

Use it consistently, in the approved form for all channels wherever possible.
Cubyn logo minimum size: 30px height

The Cubyn logo must not be used next to other carriers company (such as Colissimo, TNT and so on)

Integration Best practices

Top side banner

Place a promotion banner at the top of your website to ensure that customers know they can benefit Cubyn's delivery guarantee advantages.


Display marketing banners (in any form) designed to increase awareness, anywhere on your website.
Place a delivery footer at the bottom of every page to show the logos of your delivery solution : Cubyn.

Cubyn FAQ page

Let shoppers find the answer to their most commonly asked questions, with a Cubyn FAQ on your page. Here's an example of a complete Cubyn delivery guarantee FAQ.

Product page

Place the Cubyn messaging close to the price of the item so that shoppers can see the guarantee offered by Cubyn and reassure them.
You can customize the messaging so that it fits your business. For instance: "Get refunded 6€ if your scale arrive late ! You won't loose weight but earn money"
Checkout page
Let your customer know on the checkout page that they are choosing Cubyn as a delivery solution and can benefit Cubyn's delivery guarantee advantages.
Post-purchase emails
Clear post-purchase communication is expected by your customers. Providing them with precise information even before they ask for it will save you and them a great amount of time!
This is why we recommend you sending post-purchase emails with tracking details. It is also highly recommended to make it clear that Cubyn's delivery guarantee will back your customers against most of the problems they might encounter.
In order for your customer to report incidents and get resolution with Cubyn they need to go on their tracking page.

Integration tips for Shopify

Integration tips for Prestashop

💡 All logos and banners are downloadable via this link!
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