Cubyn Delivery centers
Benefit from the best e-commerce delivery network.

Cubyn network

Benefit from a worldwide network of carriers powered by 15 sorting hubs, 60 delivery centers and 2 cross-border line hauls.

Cubyn CarrierPredict

At Cubyn data & tech are used to optimize all logistics processes as well as delivery times. Our intelligent algorithm CarrierPredict determines the most effective delivery partner for each parcel depending on various factors, such as destination, real weight, final size, speed requirement, previous carriers' performance etc.

Cubyn's delivery modes

Cubyn offers 4 delivery modes in order to provide end recipients with multiple delivery options to meet all needs.
Delivery mode
Delivery process
Delivery promise
Countries available
Home delivery
France: D+2
Europe: D+3 to D+5
World: D+4 to D+9
Home delivery
France: D+1
Europe: D+1
World: D+2 to D+6
(except Turkmenistan
and North Korea)
Pick-up point delivery
France: D+3
Europe: D+4/5
France, Belgium, Germany,
Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg
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