Cubyn Branded Fulfillment
Offer a memorable unboxing experience to your customers!
Offering a memorable unboxing experience to your customers can be a crucial lever as parcel shipping represents your point of contact and your direct connection with your customers.
Using this touch point and personalizing it is what will set you apart from your competitors while providing an unboxing experience your customers will remember.
💡 52% of online consumers say they’re more likely to repeat purchase from a brand delivering orders in premium packaging.
Cubyn Branded Fulfillment allows you to customize packages via two main features:
  • Branded cardboards: allowing you to design your own custom cardboards to fit your brand image and improve your customer journey. As a brand, you can be as loud or as subtle as you like, branded packaging is all about customization.
  • Asilage: adding items to targeted orders such as flyers, thank you cards, discount coupons or even goodies and samples. Package inserts are a cost-effective and versatile gesture for building a relationship with your customers.
The boxes can be personalized as much as you like thanks to our preferential partnership with Packhelp
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