Cubyn Prep Service
Increase product protection throughout the logistics process and ensure a better customer experience using the prep-to-store option.
Because ensuring safe shipments is a top priority for Cubyn, we developed the Prep Service option. Besides minimizing the risk of product damage - not only during shipment of your products but also during storage - this option saves you the tedious task of preparing the inventory for fulfillment to let you focus on the core of your business.
Using Cubyn Prep Service results in:
    An increase in customer satisfaction
    Significant savings on product returns and possible refunds
    More time to focus on your core business: selling and growing your brand.
Each item received with the Cubyn Prep Service activated will be prepared with the indicated preparation options before being put into storage.
The available protection options are:
    The ability to tape the caps, which fits perfectly for bottles to prevent leaks during handling and transport of products.
    The use of bubble wrap to protect items, particularly useful for products packaged in glass jars or bottles.
    Protective bag/bagging
The bag protection category can be applied for two situations especially:
    protect the surface of your product during storage operations
    prevent your products from being shipped with a Cubyn QR code on them
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