Cubyn Care
The consumer-centric app that makes customer support as simple as possible!
Save precious time to focus on the growth of your e-commerce business. 40% of the interactions with customers is dedicated to logistics. Cubyn takes care of the entire customer support for you thanks to Cubyn Care by offering a smooth and frictionless experience to your customers.
The app is fully integrated to the Cubyn suite via Cubyn Live for even greater ease of use.
Thanks to the Cubyn Care app, your customers can:
    Easily declare any issue: they only have to select the topic of the claim and to upload in a few clicks their invoice and a picture of the order received.
    Activate Cubyn Trust in one click and get a €6 refund if order has been delivered late
    Get a full refund or have a brand new product sent to them if order has been lost, damaged or arrived incomplete. The choice is in their hands!
💡 More incidents covers to come in the future on top of the 4 types of incident already supported!
    Claim request can be done up to 5 days after the expected date of reception for a late/incomplete/damaged order ; for an order not delivered, this period is extended to 10 days.
    Claim approval will be notified to customer within 1 working day.
    Refund by bank transfer will intervene within 8 days after approval.
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