Products eligibility check
All you need to check to make sure Cubyn is a good fit for you.

Product typology

The products Cubyn is able to deal with must not be messy, considered dangerous/hazardous by their nature or their packaging, be likely in particular to injure the agents of Cubyn or its Partner Carriers or to damage other objects or the machines belonging to Cubyn or its Partner Carriers.
Please check the list of forbidden products below to make sure we can take care of them: ■ Dirty products ■ Products or packaging that could be deteriorated or spoiled during handling in the warehouse or transport or during prolonged storage or after being deposited or vigorously shaken ■ Dangerous/Hazardous products ■ Perfumes used or not packaged in limited quantities as defined in the European Agreement relating to the international transport of dangerous goods in articles 3.2.1, 3.4 ■ Alcoholic beverages ■ Products that require a controlled temperature ■ Batteries with a power greater than 100 WH ■ Products falling under the national, European and international regulations in force such as ammunition and firearms, tobacco, prescription pharmaceuticals and pseudo-pharmaceuticals ■ Live plants and animals ■ Unique or exceptional materials ■ Products with a replacement value of 3,000 euros or more per product ■ Leaflet or individual document ■ Explosive or dangerous products as identified in table 1 ■ Explosive and dangerous substances belonging to the categories of table 2, except if they are packed in limited quantities as defined in the last version of ADR, 3.2.1, 3.4


Cubyn is not able to handle products with dimensions exceeding 150cm (length + width + height). None of the side should exceed 100cm. Maximum weight allowed per item is 15kg - maximum weight per parcel sent is 30kg.


Each item must be identified by a barcode so that it can be scanned and identified upon receipt. More details here.
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